Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Joy of Simple Things

Spencer got his first sleeping bag tonight. We're going to DC in a few weeks with Mike's family and we don't want to take two Pack-N-Plays. Alex still needs the physical boundaries the Pack-N-Play provides, but Spencer is ready to be out of his. The sleeping bag has Tow Mater on it. Spence loves Mater. I love that he likes Mater better than McQueen. Mater's my favorite character in "Cars." He's sweet and simple, and a true friend. To him, life is uncomplicated and happy. We could all learn something from him. Of course, Spencer had to sleep in the new bag tonight. He can't wait to take it to his Aunt Gali's and have a sleepover with his cousins. For him, and for Mater, it's the little things in life that bring the most happiness. As adults, we need to remember to embrace the childlike joy and wonder of the simple things. When we do, even if only for a moment, the weight of our stressful and complicated adult lives is lifted, and we can feel the tranquility that living in that moment brings.