Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Developments

We took Alex to see a new developmental pediatrician on Friday. She is local and comes highly recommended by many parents and professionals. She said she sees so many wonderful things in Alex that she just wants to pull out of him. She feels strongly that Alex would benefit more from being in a dedicated classroom at the Annex. Apparently they are better equipped to draw out children like him and get them to interact socially. I believe that if he were more aware of other people and more interested in interacting his language would blossom. It's all in there, but he needs motivation to use it. I was considering checking out the Annex for kindergarten, and now I definitely will be looking into it.

I received a message on Facebook from a woman who has developed a discrete video modeling system for teaching children on the spectrum things such as social skills, spatial relationships, and reading. Her own children have benefited from it, as well as others. I had never heard of DVM before, but now I'm doing some research on video modeling for children with autism and it looks promising. At any rate, it can't hurt. I'd be happy to share the link to her video with anyone who wants it, she just asked me not to post it on a public site.