Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Singular Sensation

Several weeks ago I started singing "One" (from "A Chorus Line") to Alex. It wasn't long before he was requesting it by name and singing along (this is the kid who gets stars in his eyes when Julie Andrews starts singing in the opening number of "The Sound of Music"). Last week I checked out the DVD of the 1985 movie version of "A Chorus Line" from the library so Alex could see the number "One" in action. He gets positively giddy watching it! We watched another number from it today and he was actually imitating the dance moves, my little budding Broadway star.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sickness, School, and Spelling

Alex has his first case of bronchitis in about a year. This is great, considering that, for a while, he got it about once a month. Not so great in the fact that he's sick. A sick Alex isn't much different from a well Alex. Just a little less energetic and with a smaller appetite. He actually didn't finish his popcorn this afternoon, and this kid LOVES popcorn (like his mama).

I'm home today with Alex today. A day off from work? Not what I wanted. I've already missed 12 hours this week, between the stomach virus Alex had earlier this week and my bad back. I've been at home more than in the office this week. I feel awful about it. I hate missing work. I can't handle the guilt!

Spencer decided last weekend that he want to pee on the potty. This was his decision, not prompted at all by Mommy and Mike. He's been wearing pull-ups all week and using the potty pretty consistently at home. It's much harder at the sitter's because he doesn't want to miss anything his friends, Lucas and Abigail, are doing (they are the Three Musketeers). Maybe I'll actually have only one kid in diapers by the time they turn four. Oh, how wonderful that would be!

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Spencer's fellow Musketeers go to preschool at a local nursery school. Spencer stays at the sitter's house while they're gone and misses them so much. I was able to get him into their class and he starts there next week. He is so excited, as are Lucas and Abigail. I'm thrilled. It will be really good for Spencer; he'll love the socializing and organized activities.

Alex is learning the "at" group of words. He knew how to spell cat. Today in the car and told him that s-a-t spells sat and b-a-t spells bat. Then I asked him what h-a-t spells and he said "Hat!". Figured it out all on his own! I can't wait to get him that Tag for his birthday. He'll be reading in no time.