Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Day!

I talked to an advocate at a local organization this morning about the issues with Alex's placement.  I'm meeting with her tomorrow.  Just feeling like I'm doing something productive about the problems brings me some relief from my anxiety.

We visited Spencer's kindergarten class this afternoon.  Wow!!!  I'm in love and so excited!  It's incredible!  My dream school for him!  Imagine, a public Montessori school!

To top it all off, when we got home I had a letter in the mail informing me that we got our respite funding!  Woo hoo!!!!

Alex's Kindergarten Class

We visited Alex's new school today and met his teacher.  She seems nice and open and willing to learn, but she knows nothing about autism spectrum disorders.  When I mentioned "the spectrum" to her on the phone last week she didn't know what I was talking about.  On top of that, there is not a bathroom in the classroom.  They had no idea that Alex had a one-on-one for the last two years and that he can't go to the bathroom by himself.  The aide told me she is not allowed to go into the boys' bathroom with a student.  In Alex's CPSE meeting we made it clear that toileting is one of the things he needs support with.  I feel so sick and so sad and so stressed.  I hate this!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alex Talk

Alex just came into my room with his cup and said "I want some milk, please." Totally independent request!!! And with good manners no less!