Saturday, October 20, 2007


You know that old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."? Have you ever thought that maybe some of us grow our own lemons? I mean, just look at me. My life looks like such a mess, and a lot of my problems are because of things that I've had control over, foolish, impulsive decisions I've made, life-changing turns I've taken on a dime. I don't just have my own lemon tree, I have a grove!

But the saying still applies. I may have grown the lemons, but they still make damn good lemonade. I can't live my life regretting my mistakes. I have to try to learn from them and make the most of what I've ended up with. Everything that has happened in my life, whether or not I had control over it, has made me who I am today. Crazy, mixed-up, joyful, optimistic, sensitive, moody, happy, loving, cock-eyed, life-embracing me. I wouldn't trade a drop of it for the world. My lemonade is sweet!
Up on the watershed
Standing at the fork in the road
You can stand there and agonize
Till your agony's your heaviest load
You'll never fly as the crow flies
Get used to a country mile
When you're learning to face
The path at your pace
Every choice is worth your while

'Watershed' by the Indigo Girls

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sandra Boynton for Christmas

Susan from The Book House was discussing her favorites this morning on The Roundtable and mentioned Sandra Boynton's new books with CD's of music. I love Sandra Boynton, and have made it a point of collecting all of her books (although Spencer keeps destroying them, board books even!). "Philadelphia Chickens" was Susan's favorite. It features a cow playing a saxophone on the front cover (how perfect for Spencer who pretends everything is a saxophone, and for Alex who loves cows).

I don't think I'll post a wish list here this year, at least not an one. I'm trying to get away from all those big companies and support my local economy. But here's a hint to friends and family who might be wondering what Alex and Spencer would like for Christmas: The Golden Notebook in Woodstock and The Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza carry Boynton's new books with CD's. I'm sure the boys would both enjoy having one of their own. Wink, wink!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A New Era

This is a blog. This is a blog about me. This is a blog about me and my twin boys. This is a blog about trying to keep things simple, focusing on what is important, seeing the silver linings, and enjoying the simple joys life offers every day.

Life as a single mother to two-year-old twin boys is HARD. I remember the first time I thought being a single parent was hard. It was when I had pneumonia and pleurisy last spring. Just after their second birthday. Any correlation? Hmmm...

I love being a mother. I love my sons. They are fascinating, challenging, wonderful, bright, beautiful, frustrating, amazing little boys. I love taking care of them. But I've been trying to learn to take care of myself as well. My cup will run dry if I keep giving out but never replenishing. My life can't be about my boys; it has to be about us. All three of us. So here I am, with a new blog. A place where I'm going to be a little more honest about my thoughts and feelings than I have been on my other blog. I was always very positive there, because I wanted it to be a source of encouragement for other parents of preemies. Here I'll be dumping and venting more, but all for good. Because sometimes you just have to get that stuff out so you can see the positive side of things again.